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fretn wrote:

wow thank you for the massive input !

about the death messages: we had this in, but it was annoying, the bots do not have names, we can give them names, but it isn't what I expected it to be

time limit game mode: check speedrun, its exactly what you want smile Server saves the fastest time of a map, and next time the map is played, this is the new timelimit. This timelimit is saved in a cvar, so it can be set by admins.

Tesla, spirits, flamethrowers (except the one from the player himself) and the boss lightning are a pile of crap, and this code will take a lot of work to cleanup so it works like it should in a multiplayer environment. In battle gametype these are all disabled

A lot of the map bugs happen in only very specific situations, all the maps have been finished with 1 or 2 players. But sometimes something fails and you cannot finish it. A workaround is to go in spectator mode, fly to the point you have to be, save a spawnpoint and go back to normal player, and you'll respawn behind a gate that doesnt want to open.

although the question remains....what happens if its in an indoor area and spectating players cannot pass through doors that are still closed? yikes


(97 replies, posted in Bug reports)

I've already found a way around the escape2 map bug for when the double doors won't open.........if the server is on the 30 sec. respawn point timer...you simply enter spectator mode and fly over the wall and wait for it to create a spawn point there on the other side of the double doors big_smile
but now  I see someone already beat me to that explanation LOL