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MAX_MAPS is defined to 128 and MAX_ARENAS to 64. So server limit is 128 but client ui already now (about 50 maps) can complain about "Max infos exceeded" when you just open call vote.

I tried increase MAX_ARENAS to 192 and compiled new ui then complain message gone.


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Can you remove these files in scripts folder sky.shader, gfx.shader, characters.shader and models.shader from pk3 package, please?

I found bug in map pro7 where left gate in number 2 tunnel is non-solid. I fixed it with scripts.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/yktq7yokw87zo … 7.mp4?dl=0

This patch fixes some bugs and add notepads to some maps. You can test it and then add to your release package.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/p1jmm1s0whoql … h.pk3?dl=0


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Great work!

I have done quick test and i found few issues that affect gameplay:

Use game_manager for .coop.script file and add giveweapon option in .coop.ai so player can spawn with right weapons
https://github.com/rtcwcoop/rtcwcoop/wi … pt-support

map tomb3
these doors at start should be removed, players connected later can't pass thru them

map berg
players connected later spawns at start in the air, second spawn should be active after tram start moving

map labor2
models of brush entity exceed max limit 256, if player die his client will crash
Map needs reduce brush entities to 190 (reserve needed?), current are 393 used, map have 254 func_explosive brush ents used, its too much
If you can decompile and edit map please remove func_explosive that are not necessary for map script (without target or targename) mainly oscilloscopes, test-tubes and paintings

also remove coopgameinfo.txt from pk3

For devs rtcwcoop: can we in future raise models (and sounds) limit to 512? I have recompiled server and client with MAX_MODELS 512, tested first 6 rtcw maps everything seems works fine