Classes is gametype 2 which used to be cooperative which is now 3 he should really have kept cooperative as 2 and introduced classes as 3 as cooperative is his flagship and more commonly known basically it now defaults to classes if you don’t change your gametype. Unless your on about in game setup then yeah that could be a bug.

Alright mate I sent another email to you.


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i have not had these builds crash on me yet and do you mean coopdevmap? though devmap would probably work as well. I have a test server up if you want to have a look make sure to use the correct client as 1.0.3 doesn't work with 1.0.2 also you have to have pure disabled for your server this is what fretn told me, also it would appear that the dynamite isn’t in the same place as last time, I just looked in the last place I found it and it’s not there. Either it’s randomly placed or I dunno. I haven’t tried running a server with the windows build yet only Linux. The windows client does work.

ok update I was able to start a windows dedicated server from within the game and the bring up a new client and join said game, haven't tried with coopdevmap yet. but coopdevmap does work in a dedicated linux server no problem.


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believe me it is the latest i communicated with fretn because when i compiled the source before the enemies would not attack so fretn fixed this and the builds i have up are from this. but they even still do not work correctly i have informed fretn of this, and if you are on about using the engineer to destroy the floor the dynamite is near the start in the cell just after the doctor electrocuting that guy you use the dynamite from there to destroy the floor it took me a while to find.


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no i didn't mate i cloned latest repo after fretn made changes and compiled both windows and linux builds it's not exactly rocket science to do.. that link you show is nearly 6 months old and is only the windows build where's linux????


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it’s not fixed if you use a standard install, if midu has fixed it maybe he could share his fix

That’s great to hear you got it sorted, now all we need is a fix for endmap as that can bug out and make the enemies invincible, and for cvar g_log to actually create a log you can find and rtcwcoop would be getting nearer to perfect. But glad to have helped with your issue. Oh and maybe the possiblibilty of respawnable items and weapons. This is a great mod but I feel it could be even greater if it wasn’t for a few restrictions. It just needs a few more options possibly in the form of cvars so it can be tailored more. Not everyone likes things set in stone so to reach a wider audience it needs to be a bit more flexible.

did you clone from here "git clone" as this will clone the latest you might want to move or delete the build you currently have in your Cygwin64/home/yourdocumentsname and download a new, as for cvars they are the commands that go in your server config or can be used in console that control how your server is setup plus some other things, but sorry i don't know where you might find that cvar within the code fretn may be able to help you with that. oh and most the files haven't been updated in years but if you look at the code entry you'll see that it was 3 days ago.


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6 years later from this original post and i too have encountered this bug several times forcing me to reset the server back to escape1 manually

there is a cvar in 1.0.3beta called g_ignorescriptedaccuracy this when set to 0 in theory should allow your adjusted accuracies to work but this would require you porting this cvar across to your build or at least if you was to examine it's code you would be able to figure out how to allow your adjustments to work you would need to clone the latest github build and have a look. I have tested this cvar a little and it does seem to allow the enemies to be less accurate. one problem i have found with the 1.0.3beta build is if you was to use it instead, the players gun firing sounds are missing in the cooperative gametype for the windows64 build i don't know if this affects the 32bit build or the linux builds. also cooperative is now gametype 3 in 1.0.3beta i sorta think coop should have been left as gametype 2 as classes is very experimental at the current build, so coop should really be the default gametype.


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Here are the latest 1.0.3 test builds for Windows & Linux compiled from rtcwcoop github
Linux …
Windows …
they can be installed to a separate folder from 1.0.2 just add RTCW's pk3's to the 1.0.3 test builds main folder and use the test builds executables to start the game.
For linux you may need to set the executable to be executable in it's properties.
with 1.0.3 servers gametype 2 is classes and gametype 3 is cooperative,
there is now a cvar that you can set to disable RTCWcoop's built in ai accuracy g_ignorescriptedaccuracy set it to 0 to use rtcw’s accuracies instead
also disable pure on your server for test releases.
finally i am not a dev i just compiled these for ease of use so anyone can test the new builds without having to compile them themselves.
but do report any bugs you may find.
One bug I have found with the windows64 build in cooperative gametype is there are no players guns firing sounds, but they are working in classes,I don’t know if this affects any of the other builds. If anyone else can verify this then that would be a great help.

Orwa96 wrote:-I reached the point of creating the pk3 file, but every time I type "./create_pk3.bat" into Cygwin
You wouldn’t use the bat file in Cygwin as that is a windows file and Cygwin is Linux so you would use ./, you will also need to install zip into Cygwin