RTCWcoop 1.0.1

I’m a bit late with the news, but rtcwcoop 1.0.1 is released, it fixes following bugs:

  • no more crashes when setting pmove_fixed 1
  • warmup can be disabled again
  • password protection works now when you create a server through the menu
  • you are now warned which pk3’s you are missing
  • now you see the name of the master server in the server menu, instead of ‘internet1′
  • KP_NUMLOCK can now be used as a key to bind to
  • some AI related crashes shouldn’t happen anymore


  • g_spawnInvul
  • g_sharedlives : bonus life
  • toggle sv_pure in create server menu
  • g_usepassword is removed and now only g_needpass works
  • +vstr like osp



How to install:

Unzip the downloaded file into your rtcw installation. Make sure that the ‘coopmain’ folder from the zip file is at the same level as the ‘main’ folder from your rtcw installation.
In case you only have the rtcw pk3′s but no existing installation, unzip the downloaded file, and move your rtcw pk3′s inside the ‘main’ folder.

Big thanks to MAN-AT-ARMS again and shame on me for posting this news so late

RTCWCoop 1.0.0 is released

After more than a year (time flies), there is finally a new release.
MAN-AT-ARMS has put most of his time in this new release and as usual ssf.sage managed to fix lots map bugs.
Which resulted in a stable 1.0.0 version of this awesome game.

What do we have ?

The gameplay is exactly the same as in previous release, but its stable and rock solid. So you probably think, so whats new ?
For those of you who know the Quake 3 Arena Engine mod, ioquake3, I have good news for you, all the ioquake3 features are ported to rtcwcoop.
For those of you who don’t know what’s ioquake3 is, these are the important features in a nutshell:

  • New sound code to have better sound quality
  • 64bit support
  • built-in voice-over-ip (voip), if you have a headset and the server enables the feature, you can now talk to your coop friends
  • avi video capture of demos, no more rendering thousands of tga files
  • much improved autocompletion of console commands
  • console history (it remembers the commands from your previous sessions)
  • http/ftp downloads, aka faster map downloads
  • and lots of bug and security fixes
  • A completely new (and optional) renderer, which gives you a lot more eyecandy (to enable it, type in the console: /cl_renderer rend2; vid_restart, to disable it: replace rend2 with opengl1 )

One other important change is that we’ve moved all the coop related files from ‘main’ to a folder called ‘coopmain’, this allows you to mix the stock rtcw mp and sp games with coop, you don’t have to copy all the pk3’s to a new place for coop to work.



How to install:

Unzip the downloaded file into your rtcw installation. Make sure that the ‘coopmain’ folder from the zip file is at the same level as the ‘main’ folder from your rtcw installation.
In case you only have the rtcw pk3’s but no existing installation, unzip the downloaded file, and move your rtcw pk3’s inside the ‘main’ folder.

New Cvars and ConsoleCommands ?

rtcwcoop 0.9.5 patch 1

small update for latest version

– fixes some spectator issues
– and fixes the bug where you couldnt drown or fall to your death

just unzip and overwrite the existing files
download here: https://bzzwolfsp.googlecode.com/files/rtcwcoop_0.9.5_patch1.zip


rtcwcoop 0.9.5

This is the first release I consider stable. In the last two months we fixed a lot of bugs and now it feels a bit polished. I don’t consider it ready, so the version number isnt 1.x yet :)

Thanks a lot to Sage, Nate, Tihan, M4N4T4RMS for all the hard work on the bugfixing. And Thanks a lot to the {WeB} clan for the extensive bugtesting and bug reporting. To quote {WeB}*GANG$TA*: “this is the best release to date by far. We played every map and it was superb fun all the way” 


for a changelog see belog, but I warn you, its a long list


  • Fixed callvote nextmap in Church map
  • Fixed Baseout loading image
  • Fixed call vote crashing in Windows due to trivial unfinished MP call vote porting.
  • Fixed Centeprint newlines fix. Made CG_CenterPrint more like MP version.
  • Fixed chair pickup to work like it should.
  • Fixed clients being able to call activate on doors, chairs, etc. when dead.
  • Fixed clipboards from showing on all clients when only one client activated one.
  • Fixed crash loading crypt1
  • Fixed non working custom map notebooks and clipboards
  • Fixed drop so messages get printed as they should. This broke the announcer sound
  • Fixed crosshairnames and teamoverlay not always working
  • Fixed Improved AI behavior from getting blocked from one another.
  • Fixed mg42 hitcode
  • Fixed last door in Rocket that was not safely made.
  • Fixed obituaries from displaying.
  • Fixed voicechat and buymenus
  • Fixed speedrun last life crash.
  • Fixed venom weapon not gibbing corpses.
  • Fixed capslock Walk bug – see /view.php?id=128
  • Fixed When a client has a clipboard open, and they die, the clipboard goes away.
  • Fixed a broken sound
  • Fixed the memory allocation on windows
  • Fixed Crash when a spectator tried to spectate certain ai’s
  • Fixed Axis being able to end a level
  • Fixed tram model not always working
  • Fixed walking and running animations
  • Fixed ai’s being kicked because of inactivity
  • Fixed flag capture code
  • Fixed scrollbutton to be able to scroll lists
  • Fixed dead bodies blocking bullets
  • Fixed loading screen on widescreen setups


  • Added banning and tempbanning
  • Added obituaries for players
  • Added 1 respawning gun around each flag that will only be there if AI respawning is enabled.
  • Added globalaccum command for player sections, as the accums in the player section are local to each player. This fixes random bugs like Tram, Boss1 start, City gate or Rocket elevator or such.


  • Any risky AI’s stopped from respawning. Those who could respawn without guns etc.
  • Applied various fixes from wolfX (initially from ioq3).
    - static buffer overflow fix.
    - reliable command overflow
  • Changed explanations to the Skills in Create server menu. Like what options it sets.
  • AI reinforcements always respawn if g_airespawn = -1. If it is 0> reinforcements spawn randomly.
  • End map’s Nazies won’t respawn after you start final battle, unless you run nightmare mod.
  • Changed Baseout start explosion AI’s.
  • Changed behavior of client helper functions; functions will return false if the entity is not a client. We will see how this behavior works.
  • Changed Forest and Village2. The reinforcements had godlike abilities to spot you.
  • Changed g_airespawn <n> command. -1 = all respawn unlimited times. 0 = No respawning. x =respawn x times, now random percentage of reinforcements will not respawn.
  • Now axis can play in both speedrun and normal coop
  • Changed spectator health to be 0. This feels right and wonderfully fixes the AI issue when going in spectator mode.
  • Changed turn on allowdownload by default for new clients
  • Changed g_gameskill to also control AI respawning time. With hard it is now 5 seconds faster than before. Medium is like in 0.9.4. Easy is 5 seconds longer than before.

Known bugs

  • In escape1 you sometimes spawn at the wrong flag
  • If you join specs during a game, you cannot rejoin as long as the game is going on, you can only rejoin during warmup
  • Flamezombies their flames cannot hurt you
  • The Tesla gun’s damage is multiplicated by the number of players that are watching the gun in action (don’t ask)
  • Spectators don’t see the endgame scoreboard
  • In tram the ai’s sometime just jump down into the canyon




We have a new teammember !

We have a new coder for the team.
Welcome Tihan, I hope you can kill many bugs and give the game tons of new features :)

Btw we are working hard on version 0.9.5 !

rtcwcoop 0.9.4 arrived !

It took us a while, but we managed to get rtcwcoop 0.9.4 ready for release !

This release has one interesting new feature and one interesting bugfix. All the other stuff is minor.
So I’ll start with the interesting bugfix. Sage went through all the map scripts and modified all the parts
that could possibly break the maps during coop play. Some maps got even modified to make them more fun during a coop session.


  • Escape2 is reworked and has now a dynamitable door. The dynamite needs to be picked up somewhere in the map (10 possible locations)
  • Tram has now a second tramcar, so late joiners or people who spawn incorrectly can reach the bottom a bit easier. The enemies are also a bit modified.
  • The elevators in Rocket are now faster and not so annoying anymore.
  • Church and Castle had sound bugs.
  • The truck in Forest shouldnt break anymore and do what it is supposed to do: driving to the finish
  • End map is made coop friendly, AI’s don’t fight eachother anymore and there’s more ammo/health available
  • Crypt1 was sometimes unfinishable, this is fixed
  • Dam has also better (and faster) elevators, also the AI’s are working better now.

New feature: play as axis in the speedrun gametype

If you choose the speedrun gametype, you have now the possibility to play in the axis team. During warmup (yes I added warmup) you can select to join the axis team in the ingame menu, or use the console command (/team red or /team blue to go back to allies). An axis player always spawns at the location of a bot and this bot is killed (offered). The axis team allows place for 1 or 2 human players, depending on the total number of players on the server. When 8 people are playing a maximum of 2 axis players is possible, in all other situations only one.

Other minor new features and bugfixes

  • Hirko started working on new levelshots (the ones with coop action on it are his, the others are placeholders made by me)
  • Warmup, the time is tweakable by the cvar g_warmup (lower than 5 is not possible)
  • Support for mapname_notebook.menu and mapname_clipboard.menu no changes to menus.txt is needed to make it work. This is useful for custom maps.
  • Map scripts now accept a g_random cvar this is useful to spawn entities in random locations, see escape2 for examples.
  • cg_fancyfx cvar, all new visual things that can break older computers must be enabled by this cvar, its off by default, this includes the greyscale rendering when you are dead, this might fix some peoples problem with a crashing game if they die. The default value is 0. If you want to have a greyscale screen when you’re dead (like it was default before), you have to set this cvar to cg_fancyfx to 1 (and also set the r_greyscale cvar to the correct value)
  • The code is now ready to be translated, but I’m mentally not ready for it yet :p
  • The intro video now works on widescreen
  • After a long time, servers stopped working, this is fixed now
  • Friendly fire was broken, it works again !
  • Numsecrets was broken again, I fixed it, again :)
  • I modified the norespawn script function so it now accepts an aiName, just like the alertentity function
  • Stop sending servercommands to bots
  • Crash bug when you die (see above)

Capuzzo coop campaign (3 maps) by Sage

Sage released his 3 map coop campaign as a first beta, you can find a local mirror here.
I played an alpha version of this campaign with him and it is a lot of fun. I’ll be running it on my server so you can play it.

Download links



Statistics about previous releases

0.9.3 had 2854 downloads
0.9.2 had 1018 downloads
0.9.1 had 743 downloads
0.9 had 1501 downloads

So it looks like 0.9.3 was pretty popular. But you have to keep in mind that it took much longer to release 0.9.4 than the previous ones.



Hey look, its a second tramcar !

We worked hard to get some new features and nice fixes ready for the upcoming 0.9.4 release.
You can expect:

  • More coop friendly maps (less situations that block the map from being finishable)
  • We modified the gameplay of Escape2 (dynamitable door) and Tram (2 tramcars).
  • The elevators in Dam and Rocket are not anymore a pain in the coop ass.
  • New loading screens (escape1, escape2, tram and crypt2 where made by hirko)
  • Some sound looping fixes (thx WINYcik)
  • Warmup at the start of a map, so slow maploaders are not late to the party
  • You can play as an AXIS player now in the speedrun gametype, its fun to be the annoying one on the server
  • friendlyfire is finally fixed


Lots of thanks go to ssf.sage for putting a lot of effort and time into the broken mapscripts. You can also expect a 3 map coop campaign (capuzzo) at the same time of the 0.9.4 release, I playtested it with him and its a lot of fun.

Buggy mapscripts

The mapscripts are up until now very buggy, there is a reason for that and a solution but it is a lot of work.
ssf.sage started to fix all the scripts, so we can say he joined forces, olé !

Version 0.9.3

New features:

  • Total new client/server network code, its a straight port from rtcwmp which is proven to be a lot more stable than what we currently had
  • Working pk3 autodownloading, thanks to the rtcwmp client server code
  • Knife throwing (yay!)
  • New sound code
  • added a new alias for the mp_quickmessage cmd: voicechat


  • ‘attempts’ in end level stats now shows the number of deaths of all players
  • if no more lives left wait a few seconds before restarting the map
  • new votesounds
  • tomb and escape1 one have fixed mapscripts, bugs should be gone
  • cvar security fixes, same for autodownload exploits


Version 0.9.2

This version is not network compatible with the previous versions. In this release we focussed on fixing stuff. This should make the game a little bit more stable, we still have a long way to go :)

New features:

  • Version check, when we release a new version you will be notified in the main menu
  • Obituaries ! (SomeDude? was killed.) Experimental, I’m open to changes.
  • Votes have now sounds.
  • support for MOTD’s (message of the day) on servers, so server admin can advertise their forums, etc



  • Fixed a possible divide by zero which could result in a client crash
  • The forest map is playable again
  • Now a wrongly set g_limbotime value will not crash the server
  • TitaN655? fixed the ingame notes
  • All maps now have a default wait time of 20 seconds, so you have time enough to check the scoreboard.
  • When g_limbotime was lower or equal to (sv_fps/1000) you couldn’t respawn, now it cannot be set lower.
  • Notebook was missing
  • Restart server immediatly when its empty don’t wait 5 seconds, because this resulted in AI script errors
  • Mission failed now restarts the map and doesn’t fade to black
  • Master server has now a hostname (I bought rtcwcoop.com yay!), I also made sure that the IP’s in your config files are replaced by this hostname, this should also fix the empty serverbrowser issues on some clients
  • Cleanup in serverinfo cvars
  • When a server is spawned bots are removed first.
  • Challenge is reset when a client disconnects
  • Don’t call GAME_CLIENT_DISCONNECT when a client reconnects.
  • Some memory cleanups when clients disconnect
  • MAN-AT-ARMS fixed the fog, great !
  • Cinematics are completely removed in crypt1 and church
  • Maxlives maxlives fixes (restart map if everyone is dead), also updated the HUD for this