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So there it goes.

The players + kesler will start off in a ancient house somewhere in the ice, preparing theirselves for their travel to an so far unknown entrance of the X-labs which was found by a satellite scanning the area. They'll have to travel a large distance for this, I'll post some screens of the first scenes in the evening.


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Instead of trying to demotivate the guys you shall do the oppsite.
I'm on it.


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Alright Guys, due the fact someone else thought about the X-Labs map I think the first lev. shall be about the Agents got to see a Satellite Picture or something which has shown traces of a Tank or something at the Entrance of the X-Labs which is why they return and find a secret entrance to another level while discovering the destroyed complex.



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Alright Guys, there we go.

Fretn and I decided it would be cool to have a Map (and later much more than just one Map!) that would need at least two players to be solved. I created this topic to gather Ideas of people so write what you've in mind. (From time to time I gotta post screenshots of the Stage I'm currently working on.) Your ideas may be regarding:

- Story of a Campaign

Though I like the idea of an ultra hyper unbelieveable strong warlord, I'd like not to have a "Heinrich Returns" Series of ideas.
Mostly, I thought of maybe on of the Uber Soldiers escaped the XLABS and seeks revenge to the Agents which is why they were captured or something. Well, its up to you. (Even if I still have an Idea of how the first map will be!;D)

- Ideas for scens that require more then one Player.

Such as doors which need to be opened by pressing two switches in less then 5 seconds from each other or so..

- Ideas for buildings, places, landscapes...


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Is it out yet?o:


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Currently I'm hosting a Homeserver named "All welcome! :*" . I'm trying to keep it almost 24/7 online, though I could think about renting a root server for keeping the server really 24/7 running at all. smile

So, in the meantime, join up and have fun by the public - Internet - Serverlist.