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Hi, I just messed up resolution, my max is 1440x900 and I set it to 1600x900. Now everytime I start game, screen turns black and it says OUT OF RANGE on my monitor and only way to quit is to restart PC (CTRL+ALT+TAB don't work). And there isn't any .cfg file in rtcwcoop_0.9_windows folder. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Re: Where is .cfg file

I have made a solution for you.
Download this:
...and put it into the folder where rtcwcoop.exe is located. Then run it.
What it will do is start RTCW COOP in 800x600.
You will only need to use it once, but if you have the problem again, you can use it again. I've tested it, and it works for me.


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Re: Where is .cfg file


default files are located in:
OS drive- \Users\your-user\AppData\Roaming\Wolfenstein

In my case, on this computer windows user account is called main and windows are installed on C drive, so full path looks like;

Hope it's clear enough. smile

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Okay, thank you guys.