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I have a problem on regular/SP RTCW Platinum Edtion..

I recently deleted it (for a reason) without running uninstall.exe (I deleted the folder). Now I try to reinstall RTCW and it gives me this error. (now before you tell me to search on google etc. I have done nearlly 3 hours of that smile)

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I've tried registry editing and everything else. Please help if you can


Re: Help please

I don't use any exes. I just copy the needed paks into the Coop installation. You don't need other than that. To uninstall you just remove the folder.

From the readme:

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Coop

* Installation:

- Copy all your rtcw pk3 files (mp_*.pk3, sp_*.pk3 and pak0.pk3) inside the main folder of this archive.
- Above is important, don't mix this with your current rtcw installation. You have to play this game as a complete new game.
- Double click rtcwcoop.exe and the game will start.
- You can open the console by pressing shift-escape.
- The source code for this project can be found at:

If this has nothing to do with Coop. Try returning the files from the trash bin. If not, you can try reg seeker or regcleaner. Also how about giving it a different folder?

Re: Help please

just open regedit..highlight the top level of the tree.
go to edit...find.
search for Wolfenstein.
delete any keys it finds