Topic: Idea?

( I was bored )

Just came to think of a new coop-campaign which could (probably not) become a future scheme.

You are David Beltzn, before the events of RTCW, David is a low-ranking Nazi Soldier who unintentionally learns about horrific experiments on Nazi Soldiers including one of David's close friends. David investigates further on with fellow friend and soldier Adam Bayer, as both David and Adam venture deeper into higher-up Nazi locations and learn more about human modifications. They soon discover stored test subjects in various holdings and a early-prototype of 'Über Soldat'. David and Adam question their beliefs and quickly become compromised by a higher up SS Paranormal scientist. They are reported and attempt to leave Germany to avoid death or execution.


Nothing to new or different (in terms of enemies, story), I have no intention of pursuing this idea as I don't have the time and skills required (otherwise I would). If this was to be made, I could picture this as a great coop (with or without change)

Re: Idea?

I have an idea to add extra levels like in RTCW OPERATION RESURRECTION and TIDES OF WAR and those strange creatures Ocullt Priests ( Never heard of them ).

Re: Idea?

Both sounds like good ideas. I hope someone will accomplish them!