Topic: Need help, no enemies in the dedicated server

Hi, I am new here, I hosted a dedicated server to play with my friends. It was a bumpy ride, I had all kind of strange things happened, server not discoverable even done the portforwaring. Bad request here and there, could not reconnect after a disconnect etc. Now here's something new, the map has no enemies at all.

I did have a clean installation of the game from steam, then I applied 141 patch from github and 1.0.2 coop mod.

Did I miss something. It was (partially)working yesterday. I get message in the server console saying "zero distance between enemies"

My server's name is SYCSPY.

Re: Need help, no enemies in the dedicated server

how did you start your server ?

through the command line ? (if so: which options did you set and how does your config file look ?)

or through the gui ?