Topic: FPS Drop/Problem

FPS drops to 30+ on low and high settings, what the actual fuck


ATI HD Radeon 6490M
i5-2410M @ 2.3Ghz
1366x768 RES

Any help? I've tried doing com_maxfps 125 - 200 and that doesn't make a difference.

Re: FPS Drop/Problem

are your video drivers up to date ?

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Long shot but try with primitives - in console just type /r_primitives 2
No video restart is required and change should take instant effect..if it will help that is.

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try that

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Nice tweak, a value of 3 is interesting, 4 is the danger zone. For those who might be interested, according to RedTop "     Primitives have an influence on how RTCW renders its graphics. "0" is auto select, "1" is single gldrawelements, "2" is multiple gldrawelements."

What are some other settings that make a big impact on FPS and getting the edge on gameplay?