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jurajkatalinic wrote:

What about this BUG ?

PunBB bbcode test

I do not get the bug with those red/green/blue arrows. Please check that you have all needed packs. Also please open console and take screenshot of it. And Please tell me what is exploding, the zombie?

The zombie .

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I came across a bug.

When we were playing the final map, all zombie and boss became invincible lol.

We were helpless in the last stand.

...should be in hard mode I'm not sure

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There is a BUG on the escape1 ( FIRST MAP ) when I capture flagzone near the ending, when I'am dead, I should respawn there but it respanws me to the first flagzone ( CLOSE TO THE TOWER, WHEN YOU OPEN DOORS AND SOLDIER SEES YOU AND SOUNDS THE ALARM ) .

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Is it normal, that when I am at third person view and I am using akimbo colts, I can see, that my character are holding only one colt, not two?

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its normal...the model doesnt have it.
the single player bj model also doesnt crouch.
its not really coop specific as far as i know

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The models and animations are from Multiplayer mod.
It's better to be from Multiplayer then from the Single Player Bj becouse Bj has no animations except runing.
Still there are no animations for leaning.