Topic: Coop LAN game starts only for 1 player...

Hi guys,
I installed this RTCW Mod, but for some reason, when I try to play LAN with another player, his game starts but mine goes like:

WARNING: main/sp_pak2.pk3 is present but its checksum (652965486)
is not correct. Please re-install the point release

I tried replacing "sp_pak2.pk3" again but nothing seems to work.
The same thing happens when the other player creates a server:
my game starts and his one remains in the console with the same error.
Can you help me please ?
I'd really like to play with this mod!

Re: Coop LAN game starts only for 1 player...

I think the problem pk3 file is actually sp_pak1.pk3, not sp_pak2.pk3
(I think the error message is off by 1)

The md5 sum for sp_pak1.pk3 is a0d3fe956f85f40c8efd6babe0d09832

The md5 sum for sp_pak1.pk3 in the French version is f19c389fe6310c24e664bc0fc84fdd95

If you're using different versions, you can change the Pure Server option to No and it should work.