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Topic: Panzerfaust disappear from weapon list

It seems to me that after the recent 'weapon spam' fix, sometimes happens that the panzerfaust become unavailable:
I can pick up it anywhere but still not able to use it.
I paid not much attention to this weird behaviour, maybe because usually I play mainly on fretn server, so I thought it was a temporary issue while test some new feature/code change, but now I see it happens also on ECGN one, where it seems they did some update and use the new fixed version.

I suspect that that fix has revealed some bug somewhere, maybe because the 'free panzerfaust bonus' feature.
Not sure about this, maybe it's just me because I don't like that feature: it looks to me intrusive (it happens as a switch to panzer and return to previous weapon when automatic weapon switch is enabled, so it takes enough time to die or ruin some hard fight action) and unnecessary (what big difference could make a rocket every 10000 points?).

Re: Panzerfaust disappear from weapon list

thx for reporting

if you find a way to reproduce, let me know