What is rtcwcoop ?
Its a Return to Castle Wolfenstein Single Player engine mod to make Cooperative play possible.

Why ?
Because playing alone is boring.

How did it all start ?
Somewhere in 2003/2004 when I was porting EDV (extended demo viewer) mod from RtCW to ETPRO we where asked to port our bugfixes to the official ET codebase to make it part of a new patch. We had to sign some documents and got access to the ET, RtCW MP and RtCW SP source code. One day I started looking into the RtCW SP source code and I saw that the Single Player game was basicly a multiplayer game (in terms of code) with one player and a few bots. Then the idea of RtCW SP in coop mode started to sparkle, but I could do it, as I had no permission. In 2010 the source code of RtCW was released and the idea was still sparkling, one thing was changed, I had much less time. This resulted in me being more active than ever, having only 30-45 free minutes a day (or less) results in focussed working, while years before I had every evening several free hours and this resulted in gaming, watching movies and being lazy. At the end of 2010 I started working on it, I released the inital source code somewhere in the beginning of 2011 on google code. And after a very buggy and at a moment I was about to give up, (I was dealing with not working player animations) Marvin joined and his super enthousiasm kept me active. Crapshoot from the omnibots joined the team as a programmer somewhere in may 2012, he helped fixing some nasty bugs. And on October 5th 2012 we had our first release. In the mean time Nate L0 joined to add a lot of admin tools for server admins and ssf.sage is working on the mapscripts.

When is the next release ?
When I feel its ready :)

Why didnt you fix bug X yet ?
Because I don’t know how, or I’m bored with it and wanted to code that new feature first

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