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The host joins later because his internet connection is slower, so it takes him more time to load the next map after winning the first one.


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No, it is a LAN server.


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In case of winning a map, in the next map, if the host joins later than the other players, he doesn't bring his weapons and lives from the previous level, but starts with the default numbers of lives and with the default weapons of the map. It's a very annoying problem I think, is there a solution?

Another: If I play boss1 with other players, the great boss zombie doesn't appear, we can only see small little colourful "sticks" instead of him in his starting position. If I play alone, there aren't any problems with him.


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There is an SP map which contains all in-game entities and if you kick them, their names is displayed on the screen. It's name is ai list or something like that, try to search for it in google.
I don't know how to solve the other problems, I'm a noob in mapping. tongue


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Sorry for the late answer, yes, the weapons are added through changing the code. I don't know how to change codes and scripts, that's why I asked my question. smile


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Another bugs:
In the maps chateau (first flag) and castle (starting position) the spawning points are not placed correctly, you can get stuck in the wall sometimes and you can't move after respawning.
On nightmare, boss2 if you killed your enemies many times, the proto soldiers spawns lying on the floor with their upper body facing to the player (and they don't shoot). On the same map there is a flammerthrover guy with a wrong spawning point, he spawns with body parts in the wall, so he can't shoot.
If you play a Battle, even if you change "friendly fire on" (without health penalty), in the game there is a health penalty for shooting other players.


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Oh, I nearly forget about the score problem. If i have too many points (above 35000), the points on the screen goes to negative, but in the score table (which is shown when we die) there aren't any problems with them.


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Bugs in 1.01:
I made a server and played together with my brother, starting with 15 lives, finishing with 9 for me and 12 for him. After finishing the first map, the game started to load the next one. I have a Venom mod installed, so my computer loaded it later than my brother's computer, so he could join the next map earlier than me. The problem is that if the host (me) joins later than an other player, he gets the starting number of lives (so I got 15 instead of my 9, which is not fair). Then my brother made a server, and everything worked fine, so I think it is the explanation of the bug.

Next one: the great zombie monster in boss1 doesn't appear. I can see only some weird "sticks" in every kind of colours.

And lastly, in some cases I meet enemies which shouldn't be dead lying on the ground, and if I want to walk through them, their corpses throw me to the air (like when we jump). Some times, the bodies are not there, but the jump problem still exists. What's more, if i shoot them, blood comes out from their bodies. If I throw a grenade to these 'jumping places", they disappear.


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Hi all,
There is a nice mod for RtCW called additional weapons, in which you can use new weapons (ppsh, mp44 and k43). Is it possible to add it to RtCW Coop?


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I have completed it 3 times and I would like to play it together with my friends, too. smile

Looks interesting. smile Can't wait to try it out.


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Hi again,
So i was "redirected" to this topic with my question about time gate. smile Will you make it playable?

Hi all,
I'm new here and I really enjoy your maps. smile Maybe you know, there is a very nice RTCW single player mappack called Time Gate. I' ve enjoyed it and now I'm interested in trying it out in COOP. Is it on your list to convert? It could be a great fun. smile
Have a nice day,