Hi everyboy and wolfanatics around xDD

Just to say hello, and AFTER TWO YEARS I'm back on the coop scene Yeahhhhh xD

See you soon when I will have set up server guys !  cool


Anyway , it is a gret new to know that RTCW is migrated on Android OS !!!
I'm gonna try with my son's phone xD


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Oh Yes, thanks in advance for your work dev team !


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Happy NEW YEAR to all Wolf fanatics xD

Thanks to announce you still work on this mod, we enjoy it actually during holidays xDD

GG players/developers/players !


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Thanks for your answer.

The OS is Windows XP SP3, all last-updates, no anti-virus.

The server is this one (like my previous post "g_friendlyfire): http://et.splatterladder.com/?mod=serve … idx=743984

These days I start in 10h-01h, so check splatterladder.

If this bug doesnot exist with Linux version, maybe I should migrate ??? Oooops

Bye fretn, and thanks for this awsome adaptation of RTCW'world xD


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Concerning this bug, it happens ONLY when there is more than one player on the server.

If you are alone on the server, the VOTE next-map works fine, we can hear the (nice) sound and see the message "vote passed" and works right.

Good bye Wolfanatics xD


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Thanks, you can test on my (laggy xD ) home server : "RTCW COOP Origin" if needed.


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I use the last version on windows XP, and when g_friendlyfire is set to 0, FF is enabled like when it is 1.

Is it a known bug or I miss smth ?

Thanks in advance


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Guys, is well the server.cfg in Main directory ?

And what is this option: "+sets gamestartup 12/10/12 01:52:02"  ??? <-- try without it for test?


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Hi Master, here is mine:

// Server
seta sv_hostname "^2RTCW ^SCOOP ^1ORIGIN"   <--- lol was tired yesterday-night to find such a name xD
seta sv_minrate "8000"
seta sv_maxrate "25000"
seta sv_rconPassword "xxxxx"  <-- does not work: error is "no rconpassword for this server" with HLSW, sl, in-game

seta g_freeze "0" // Player is freezed on spawn and mate has to knife him to be able to move..
seta g_gameskill "3" // 0 = test, 1 = easy, 2 = normal, 3 = hard
seta g_airespawn "0" // Respawn Enemies...
seta g_spawnpoints "0" // 0 = auto saves each 30 seconds, 1 = flags
seta g_maxspawnpoints "2" // 0 = no limit, else a limit of respawn points per game
seta sv_maxcoopclients "8" // Max players
seta sv_maxclients "128"  // Counts bots as well
seta g_maxlives "0" // Maximum lives per round
seta g_sharedlives "1" // Divides g_maxlives between all clients - otherwise each gets maxlives..
seta g_friendlyfire "2" // 0 = off, 1 = on, 2 = on but takes attackers hp + score instead of victims, 3 = same as 2 but takes more score
seta g_limbotime "10000" // 30000 = 3 sec for speedrun gametype
seta g_reinforce "2" // 0 = default enemies spawn, 1 = more enemies spawn, 2 = even more enemies spawn

seta a1_pass "low"
seta a2_pass "med"
seta a3_pass "owner"
seta a1_tag "^1Member"
seta a2_tag "^3Admin"
seta a3_tag "^0Admin"
seta a1_cmds "g_allowvote slap specs ignore unignore clientignore clientunignore"
seta a2_cmds "g_allowvote slap specs ignore unignore clientignore clientunignore kick clientkick coop nextmap"
seta a3_cmds "g_allowvote rconpassword" // Server specific only..
seta a3_allowAll "1" // So level 3 can execute any Admin command.
seta adm_help "1" // Let admins know what they can use by allowing !list_cmds
seta g_extendedLog "1" // Log essentials only.
seta g_votesPerUser "2" // 2 votes for user per round are more then enough.

// Kick start the map if it's not set in command line
coopmap escape1


And as 'nate' said in a previous post:

You can find basic settings for game here (CVARS section):
And for administration specific settings here:

V55 Wolfanatic xD

Right nate, my P3 is burning !!! (on the other hand, maybe on Linux this CPU will be enough for COOP , I will try one day xD )


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Thanks for your proposition schnoog, but I'm not interested because too busy (IRL + my ET server = too much)
I will just run my @home from times to times just for fun and testing.
Thanks again Master!

OK no problem, maybe my soultion is to use a better hardware xD
(the box is a Pentium 3 at 1.4GHz and 512MB ...)
Probably on a recent machine it will run at 2% CPU instead xD


I've tried to run on a dedicated computer @home, a server of COOP ( http://et.splatterladder.com/?mod=serve … idx=743936 )

All is fine, but when rtcwcoop_ded.exe take 20% CPU, I see the kernel Windows process 'csrss.exe' taking the same amount of CPU !!!

Maybe it is due to my system (Windows XP SP3) but I often run an ETDED.exe (silentmod,jaymod,etpro,etnam) I never see this behaviour.

After googling the problem, it can appear with "console" applications, and yes : coop server runs in a MS-DOS box but ET server does not. Some infos tell me to upgrade video-drivers, but they are up-to-date.

Does anyone encounter the same problem please ?

Thanks in advance


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Yess !!! I am very impressed in schnoog work !

I just asked him in splatterladder'shoutbox to track COOP servers, and 2 hours later, it was done !!

Awsome community !


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If needed, I can help for french translation, don't hesitate to PM me and tell me how to proceed xD



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Hello GANG$TA'style   xDDDD

I am [DIABOLIK]$mart from splatterladder ^^

Happy to see you are as me a real fanatic of this Game, call it RTCW or ET or COOP it is a BOOOOMB !!!!

A friend of me will give me this week the CD-ROM of RTCW to copy/paste the required pk3s and I'm sure we will have fun on this awsome project !

Hey Bud ! Let's party !



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Oooops, just imagine my future BLACKOOPS server become popular, I do not want to have trouble with the law.
And I can buy it on eBay for 10€.

I just want to have explanations about the licensing/GPL etc ....


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I am a fanatic of Enemy Territory and runs a public server of it.

I'd really like to test this new game, but my question is:

" Are the required pk3s from the original RTCW CD-ROM still necessary ?"

I mean, am I obliged to buy the RTCW game to play it or run a server of it ?

Anyway, all videos/screenshots and the main "idea" of this COOP are really awsome, congratulations to work on our beloved Q3 engine xDDD