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Hey you geniuses hoping you can succeed where i have failed we have two clan members wanting to play coop but are both getting same error message here is a screenshot of the error any help would be very gratefully received!!!



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Sorry fretn no new post about bugs???  where did you post it?


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Many thanks bro!


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Yes please Nate email me at bryandray@hotmail.com........... Sorry if i hijacked the thread i didn't mean to cause a problem i just saw nate mention about entities and thought bingo!.  The edits i am trying to make are for et maps and while i agree that permission is a good thing most of the mappers for et are long gone, moved on to better things..... I am not interested in passing off any map as my own work i am just trying to solve some issue we have with maps we use on a regular basis.

Once again sorry if it caused a problem...  i just wish i understood all the stuff you guys do so I could get more involved,  maybe i just stick to beta testing!!!  lolz


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Hey Nate map looks awesome and i loved the work on Wolfx too matey.  I am in a similar boat with regard to maps i desperately would love to learn how to remove and replace map entities i have looked at tutorials and they leave me cold if anyone could come up with a beginners guide to map editing that would be awesome there are a few maps we have problems with that i would love to fix.  Any help you can offer would be gratefully received!!


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if you give me a breakdown of what you want said i'll get me and our guys to all do it and send you the best one! we haev several germans lol!  and some good mimics!


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Right just played tram worked fine had just restarted the server so maybe it was a glitch.... as we work through them ill report back!!!   

Had to restart server one more time and tram not working again..... i wondered if it was due to number of players  when we played earlier we had 3 players and it worked......   Tonight we had 5 and it didnt just a heads up!  Even tried asking a couple of our guys to leave for 5 mins to take it back to 3 players and restarted map but was still bugged!!


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Firstly Sage with regard to tram ....  yup we played the map 3 times and moved lever and pressed button.... but no tram feel free to jump on our server any time and i will happily show you tram issue.

yeah with regard to Dam that was my thought too but i was hitting them plum with a snooper and they were not even reacting but i will keep you posted when we play tonight!

I'll try the noclip now and let you know what happens!

and Fretn the retype name is no biggie...  but if you believe its something more important than ill keep you posted if it changes at all./  and no we have not tried speedrun yet ...  will try and give it a go this week!


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Ok guys Got it working just me being a Nub and not knowing enough about Linux, anyhow Firstly i wanna say guys !!!!  WHAT AN AMAZING JOB>>>  the gameplay is awesome we played the entire game last night and it was brilliant fun.  I'm loving the new splash screens between maps just to let you know though i seem to be the only one getting them!

On to bugs as far as we can tell we only found 4:

1.After you connect you dont automatically join a fireteam.  the only way to do this is to bring down the console and re-type your name in then you join..  (no big problem just thought you should know)

2. Tram:   After activating the tram switch in the basement the tram never actually arrived we could see it in the distance but as far as we could see the button never activated it.

3. Dam: After the first wave of germans were killed by our sniper the guys went down to get the hidden items and went to capture 1st flag But second wave of germans seemed invulnerable to sniper weapons.  may have been bad shooting but pretty sure it wasnt.

4. Capuzzo: we installed the new Beta1 version of the map but no matter what we did we could not get the truck through the second gate the switch made the sound of activation but never actually opened.  the first time we put it down to someone throwing switch too early but afterwards we re-did map 4 times making sure all treasure was collected all germans were dead BEFORE switch was thrown. Even after this the second gate would not open.

These are very small problems and compared to the huge success of what you guys have achieved i only even mention them because i know you guys are perfectionists.  I wanna say on behalf of our whole clan how much we all appreciate what you guys have achieved here and thank you for the hours of pleasure you have given us with this new MOD!!!!

Cheers Guys

Dogster   ;D ;D


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Downloaded the Linux version of 9.4 for our server installed all the files and deleted capuzzo airport however server will now not start. Reinstalled original 9.3 files and server still won't start anyone with any ideas or help would be very grateful...  maybe a list of installed files and folders would help then i could compare!!!


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Well this week gangsta and i have played through entire cycle and here are our findings of bugs on our server!

Escape: as far as we can tell is bug free

Castle Wolfenstein: tram door bug

Tram ride:  sometimes the car goes the wrong way... and sometimes fog disappears! no biggy!

Village: karl villigut does not open door so sten guns are available!

Catacombs:  a couple here obviously there is the undefeatable axis zombie....  guess we just have to put up with him but once you fall down after the walkway collapses ...  after you kill all the zombies the dooor does not open..

Crypt: once someone has gone past the portcullis unless they capture flag noone else can get in!

Defiled church: no problems!

Forest compound:  sometimes the truck wont move...  otherwise fine!

Rocket base: lifts are a nightmare..  first couple of times we played could complete but now when you reach the train bay end the lift to the rocket stays at top...  incompletable!

Radar installation: sometimes hangs at start ...  but main problem is after radar is blown door out wont open!

Airbase assault:  funny one here the black guard parachuted in and teh parachutes stayed in air and they dropped to thier death! no real problems otherwise...lol

Kuglestadt; other than difficulty no real problems!

The bombed factory: no real problems

Trainyard: sometimes the map hangs and you have to restart server!

Secret Weapons Facility:  no problems!

Ice Station Norway: no problems!

X-Labs: guards missing at start doors wont open incompletable!

Super Soldier Chamber: again doors wont open!!

Bramburg Dam: no issues found

Paderborn Village: no problems!!

Chateau Schufstaffel:  fine up till you get to the staircase spawn. doors wont open at top of stairs!

Unhallowed ground: no issues

The dig: no issues found.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: main door after first spawn does not open.

In the final map Heinrich fails to appear.... and we believe it may be something to do with in single player mode once you leave the crypt the walls collapse so you cant get back there .... now obviously in multiplayer the wall cannot collapse because your respawn there...  but we tried it several times and not once did he appear! 

I think they are all the issues we encountered. Its been so much fun playing them all hope the majority can be fixed...  also one little aside we managed to set up admin passwords and they work fine and tried some of the commands and they seem ok too the one thing we could not do was load a alternate map on our server we have for instance mp_marketgarden and i tried the !map marketgarden but got the error message failed to find marketgarden.bsp and it did that with every map we tried to load...  sorry for the noobery i am sure i am just doing something wrong but if anyone can help would be grateful!!!!   wink


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Thats a Banner fretn ...the ones i posted were logo's i thought you wanted a logo for other places like when you post on other websites....my mistake.

Gangsta and I made the new banner last night check your email!


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Here is a couple of attempts let me know which you prefer and or what changes need to be made?!


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Server all working again with some small problems but nothing major...  managed to get spawn flags working and seems to be in nightmare mode if the maps gangsta and i played are anything to go by.  made a rcon password but dont know if its working as i dont know the admin commands ???  does anyone have a list of them???  would be nice to get hold of escape with the dynamite mod! so i could upload to server.
many thanks schnoog


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Superb Schnoog many many thanks...
Right so here is a situation report.
logged in to start the server ...no problems
when refreshed list server did not appear in list!
but we could connect via the console with the IP
the rcon password did not work
at the end of "escape" door was closed and when tried to next map vote server crashed
rejoined and had a few issues we could call vote if one went spec
so i went to the sftp and downloaded server.cfg
made a back up and then had a fiddle
i stopped server
when i uploaded modified server.cfg
when trying to rejoin had awaiting gamestate......
so stopped server and re-uploaded original server.cfg
but still could not join server...?  any ideas 
so to sum up all the original files are back on the server but server wont run!

shit i get a present and i broke it in an hour....grrrrrrrrrrrrr  SORRY SCHNOOG!!!!


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{WeB}*GANG$TA* wrote:

Ironically, I frag with Masa almost every night on our WolfET server and I still can't understand a damn word the Viking says lol tongue .

yeah but that's because you are drunk most of the time!!!


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Well we are now linked with the 1944 clan as they lost their ET server so they now live on our server.  Over the past few days we have been telling them all about COOP and about 7 or 8 of them have now installed it and got it up and running ..  we have a good few regular visitors also on our server and i will make sure all our Admins brief them on how to get COOP up and running. So we should be able to get a good few people fragging!!  in the meantime if you need anything else!!  please do not hesitate to ask. we would be more than happy to help! big_smile big_smile big_smile


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just a question out of curiosity really if you actually have a designated proper server will there be an option to change any of the skins.  whilst playing this week with Gangsta I have noticed that some of the axis skins are very similar to allied ones. on a few maps which when it was a single player game was not an issue but of course now as a multiplayer you can sometimes mistake a teammate for an enemy!!  Well at least it is if you are as bad a shot as i am!!!


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Awesome work Schnoog
lets hope some new servers pop up to give us some variation.!!


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Hey Schnoog
{WeB}*Dog* here looks like you have the coop bug too me and gangsta have been fragging mentally after our server goes quiet in the late evening Gangsta has been running a server off his comp but its laggy. so would love to host a channel on your server.  feel free to contact us if you are happy for us to have one.   wink wink


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SUPERB WORK GUYS !!!  really really enjoyed playing this if we as a clan can do anything to help please do not hesitate to contact us we have made a sub-forum on our own website and have posted instructions on how to get things up and running in windows XP and windows 7 here! http://webclan.freeforums.org/return-to … e-f32.html
please feel free to register with us if anyone needs any help!